Here is the key The Law Firm

Buisson & Associes was created more than 40 years ago in 1975.

Skills, innovation, ethics, a code of conduct, reactivity, pragmatism and the added value of counselling are key words in our daily undertakings.

The Firm today has two partners and 16 associates, legal experts and assistants. Buisson & Associés has offices in Paris and the Val d’Oise and is involved all over France and abroad.

The Firm provides counselling services and represents French or foreign companies, major institutional clients, public bodies as well as individual clients.

Philippe Buisson and Paul Buisson are the Firm’s managing partners. They have made it grow since 1995 while preserving its human dimension.

Here is the key to maintaining a quality of service and processes and a special relationship between the clients, the managing partners and their associates.

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