Activities& Expertises

Our counselling and legal defence activities evolve around 10 major areas of expertise:

Banking and Financing Law

Financing schemes, taking of guarantees, debt collection, banking establishment liability, defence in proceedings for unpaid loans, coverage of liabilities, unreasonable financial support, lack of assets and liability of senior management.

Business and Economy Law

General assistance on issues involving distribution, competition, sales relationships and economic regulations; all commercial disputes.
Drafting and negotiating of complex contracts: providing of services, transfers, distribution, partnership, financing, general terms and conditions, shareholders’ agreement, guaranteeing of assets and liabilities.
Collective proceedings: prevention of difficulties, ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard, receivership and bankruptcy, plans for transfer or recovery of assets, defence in proceedings for the coverage of liabilities, unreasonable support, lack of assets, liability of senior management.

Corporate Law

Creation, restructuring, transfer, corporate governance, partners’ agreements, financing, investment capital, current accounts operations, issuance of securities, crisis management such as in a conflict among partners or in the company’s governance.
Transfer, acquisition (LBO) and restructuring of companies.

Insurance and Civil and Criminal Liability Law

Insurance and Liability law for individuals and companies, involving real estate and securities, industrial risks, professional risks: claim management, recourse, use of guarantees, technical expertise and indemnification or transaction disputes.
Our scope of action in this area covers from being involved in a simple construction defect to processing an industrial accident and determining liabilities subsequent to a dysfunction in a jet engine or in the technical expertise of a High-Rise Building.

Real Estate Law

We are involved from the setting up and financing of real estate operations and projects to exploiting, leasing (commercial leases, professional leases, subletting contracts, assignment of leases), selling, division of property, raising of capital and managing urban and environmental issues.
We also manage an important number of court-ordered real estate sales and auctions.

Construction Law

Claim management, management of the legal liability of builders (ten-year guarantee, two-year guarantee, guarantee of perfect completion), contractual liability under common law, tort liability, recourse and assignment of liability to participants in the act of building, assistance in legal expertise proceedings.
Management of issues in construction insurance, of mandatory insurance policies (damages to works, ten-year liability) and optional policies and guarantees.
Execution of construction contracts (abandonment of work, cancellation, etc.).
Assistance in pre-commissioning and commissioning operations.

Labour and Employment Law

Management of social relationships and disputes, drafting of and follow-up on employment contracts, complex recruiting, relations with workers’ representatives, management of collective bargaining agreements, dismissals, negotiated departures, transactions and labour court proceedings.

Business and General Criminal law

Criminal defence of individuals and companies for financial or common law offences, filing of claim and follow-up on criminal investigations.

Public Law

Social relations in the public and para-public sectors, public contracts and works, public-private partnerships (PPP).

Management of Family or Estate Planning issues

Family law, matrimonial property regimes, successions, family or estate planning, patrimonial structuring and optimisation, heavy investment planning, indemnification of patrimonial damages or personal injuries.

Counselling: in all these areas, BUISSON & Associés assists its clients on a daily basis and provides counselling to uphold their interests in the best possible manner in order to prevent or manage legal disputes and avoid litigation.

Legal defence: when litigation cannot be avoided, the Firm defends its clients vigorously in all civil, commercial, social, criminal and administrative jurisdictions.
BUISSON & Associés places its great mastery of litigation techniques, its perfect knowledge of the legal world and a reputation for seriousness that it has acquired among courts and tribunals at the service of its clients.

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