Our Clients



Companies and their senior management

Industrial companies in sectors as diverse as automobile, paper, smelting, recycling, metallurgy and manufacturing of mass-market consumer goods.
Players in B2B and B2C services: banking, insurance, finance, asset management, new technologies, energy, leisure, logistics, transport and communications.
Promoters, builders, planners, real estate companies and other professionals in the real estate sector.

Major institutional organisations

Fourteen of the largest French and European commercial and business banks on the French market.
Six French and foreign insurance companies operating at a Europe an level.
This long lasting BUISSON & Associés’ relationship with the legal affairs and dispute divisions of these major institutional organisations bears witness to the quality of our organization and to the technical means, processes, reactivity and skills that our Firm makes available to all its clients.

Public entities

Several townships, departments, regions and communities as well as state health insurance offices, family benefits funds, social housing, chambers of commerce, airports and other state services.
The issues that are managed by these public entities include those of the Firm’s corporate clients: real estate, financing, labour relations and employment, public orders and contracts, and partnerships with the private sector (PPP).

A private clientele

Private clients, specifically CEOs, have placed their trust in our Firm for their estate or family planning issues (notably Family law, matrimonial regimes, successions, patrimonial structuring and optimisation, investment planning and heavy investment structuring).
Our private clients take advantage of the entire organisation and the rigour that our institutional, corporate and public entity clients have come to expect.

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